Looking for a Job?

The world of recruitment has evolved from the time when big recruitment companies would dine out purely on the size of their database.

They were always, and some still are, keen to register as many candidates as they can in order to create a large candidate pool to give them as many options as possible for their future vacancies.

The problem for you as a candidate is that you can spend a lot of time and money attending registration interviews with no guarantee that any of these companies will have a suitable opportunity for you.

Our model focuses heavily on exclusive recruitment relationships, which means we work on a lower volume of vacancies, however, fill a much higher percentage of them.

With this in mind we do not run a candidate database and so will not look to register you as a candidate in the traditional agency fashion.

This does not mean we can’t help you.

We love to help!

However, we want to set clear expectations.  We are always happy to have a chat with you, offer advice and guidance where we can and if you are finding your search tough, then we are pretty good at giving your tyres a bit of a pump up!

You can also read our guide on How to use LinkedIn to support your Job Search.

If you are based around Cambridge or Innsbruck, then we have set up local employment communities which you can also join.

The video below also gives some strong tips on how to work with recruiters.